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Pierre Beauger

One of the pioneers in the Auvergne, the southern basin of the Loire river and the heartland of France, Pierre has developed a reputation for his uncompromising style and sense of humor full of non-sequitors. Very little about Pierre's work bears resemblance to that of his peers in the region - or anyone else in France for that matter.


It was a recent decision to make wine only from vines he planted himself, a rogue move for even the most hardline of producers. However, Pierre's deeply held convictions about ripeness and natural èlevage, coupled with his intimate knowledge of these complex volcanic areas assure us he is on to something. If you're lucky to taste the results, it's clear that Pierre has forged his own path as an enduring purist. 

- El Rancho

Montaguit-le-Blanc, Auvergne, France


Rotten Highway VDF 2015

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