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Torgiano, Umbria, Italy

"This tiny property acts as the purest, most rudimentary "laboratory" for Danilo Marcucci's natural wine designs. Here no compromise is taken. Given the exceedingly small scale of the property, just 4 rows of vines that total less than 1 hectare, Danilo and his friend Riccardo can do things on a different wavelength... no time frames, no yielding.


The beauty of the Ceppaiolo is that it displays the classic "contrasto Italiano" with clarity. Plain and simple, Ceppaiolo is a dump. Nothing more then a run down cement farm house that lies mostly in disrepair with bombed out old Fiats and farm equipment scattered around the property. There's no electricity and no bathroom. Just a 4 rows of some of the oldest, rarest and most 'antique' varieties of Umbrian vines, all white, that can be found in the region; Trubiano, Malvasia Bianca, Grechetto, Fumaiola (a rare variety of Verdicchio), Uva Pecora, & San Colombana. 


Winemaking is beyond rudimentary. No pumping, nothing more then 1 old barrel, a couple of resin tanks, a cement vat and some demijohns. Here the 'terroir' is not the soil or the altitude but the old vine material and the vision of Danilo and Riccardo, basta."


- SelectioNaturel 


Bianco 2014

Ceppaiolo Vivace 2015

Rosso 2014

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