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il Burbero 2014

Terzo la Pieve, Umbria, Italy

The Mattioli family are settled in an idyllic property atop the tiny village of Terzo la Pieve, right in the gut of the Umbrian hills. Tucked away from any influence of industrial practices, they are free to manage their small patches of land with great respect as they see fit for their perfectly situated old vineyards, olive trees, and fields of ancient grains. 

A real diversity of grape varieties and plant material scatters this beautiful place, from the indigenous Ciliegiolo and Trebbiano Spoletino to plantings of Merlot and Barbera that give grit and soul to this jewel of a terroir. Soils here are mostly dense clay peppered with silica deposits and ancient limestone. After nearly two decades of natural farming, the Mattioli are experts in knowing which-grapes-go-where on this hill and have repurposed fallow parcels with massale selections of their best Sangiovese and Trebbiano vines, which make up the majority of what gets vinified.

They maintain a no-nonsense approach to winemaking. Fermentations are wild, without additions or temperature control in cement, fiberglass, or stainless steel tanks depending on the desired final product. No s02 is used at any point. 10+ wines are produced every year - they are still experimenting and exploring the potential of this territory. 


Anna, Annalisa, & Vittorio are proud to live and work with a sense of humor and humility that animates their very noble wines.

- El Rancho

Le Cese 2014

Selezione Le Cese 2013

il Forestiero 2013

Lautizio 2016

Terre dei Preti 2015

Vigna Vecchia 2016

Vino da Tavola 2016

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