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Colli Eugenei, Veneto, Italy

Marco Buratti used to cook fried chicken at the wonderful Trattoria al Sasso in the Colli Eugenei National Park about an hour West of Venice. People have been making simple and satisfying wines around there for hundreds of years, so after ditching the chef's whites Marco took up that mantle by crafting some of the most lovable natural wines I can think of from Italy. 

Above his disheveled and charming country house (where there's defunct farming machinery everywhere, dogs causing havoc, and plumes of weed smoke in the air) there are 2 hectares planted to a mix of local and Bordeaux grape varieties that are farmed completely without synthetics and thrive in porous ancient volcanic soils. His winemaking is extremely rudimentary but once transformed you can witness the soul of the domaine and the year's hard work in the vines made proud. Buratti's range goes from souped-up vino da tavola, to electric and hazy skin-contact whites, to Merlot and Cabernet made in old barrels. All made without sulfites. 


Sinto 2018

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