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Cantina Giardino

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Ariano Irpino, Campania, Italy

The community of true natural winemakers in Italy is dispersed, often at odds with one another, and sadly lacks the foundation of solidarity and cooperation that has been so essential to the survival of independent vignerons in France. In this dim state of affairs, the couple of Daniela and Antonio di Gruttola rise above the chatter and shine bright like diamonds through the prism of their basement winery, Cantina Giardino, and the attractive, inclusive energy their creations transmit. CG began as a partnership of four friends in 2004.


Their mission was to rescue beautiful vineyards of local grapes that were at risk of commercial takeover around their home of Ariano Irpinio in Campania. What started as a conservationist effort eventually morphed into an avant-garde winemaking operation with Antonio’s vision and radical tendencies. In the beginning they were really just a hippie commune of buddies that tended vines for others and loved to drink a lot of wine. Their prized grapes Coda di Volpe, Greco, and Fiano are grown on serptenine vines and carry otherworldly depth and spice translated through the ancient volcanic soil. Through the use of considered skin maceration for the whites and a softer extraction for the Aglianico (red), the wines achieve aromatic complexity combined with an irresistible drinkability.

- El Rancho Wine


Vino Bianco NV

Vino Rosato NV

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