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Podere il Saliceto

Campogalliano, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

GianPaolo Isabella's life as a winemaker began after he dominated the muy thai circuit in Italy. Always up for a challenge, he and his brother-in-law Marcello decided they would purchase 4-hectares of vines in their hometown and produce an authentic dry lambrusco, a style that up until quite recently has enjoyed little demand outside of the Emilia's best trattorie. 

The two now make wines from vineyards around Campogalliano near Modena, all worked organically. Indigenous varieties of Lambrusco (Salamino, di Sorbara) cover most of the ground but they also farm Malbo Gentile, as well as a selection of Trebbiano Modenese and Sauvignon Blanc that is used to make their zippy pet-nat, Bi Fri


Though the Saliceto wines assume wild, bitter, and assertively tannic qualities, they teem with life and positive energy and demand friendly gatherings over fried chicken, any simple and salty food, or perhaps the best tortellini in the world

- El Rancho


Read more about Podere il Saliceto on their website here


Albone 2016

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